Bavaria returns to Spichlerz

Despite obstacles, unfavourable road conditions, problems with crossing borders… it has arrived!

Straight from Bavaria – Marie Hausbrendel Hell.

After such a warm welcome from you, we decided to present two more very interesting products from the same region:

Gold Ochsen Hell which shines with a beautiful amber color under the snow-white foam. Thanks to the rich craftsmanship of the traditional brewery, the aromatic Tettnang hops and barley malt are perfectly balanced and make the beer a mild, full and balanced taste experience.

Gold Ochsen Kellerbier is a naturally cloudy cellared beer that remains unfiltered making it particularly rich and pleasant to drink. The natural ingredients from which this beer is made settle to the bottom and may form a fine sediment. A treat for all beer lovers.

We hope you will enjoy it as much as you enjoyed Marie.