Culinary journey in time

The Granary – a monument from the 17th century, a building full of mysteries and ambiguities. Not only our Chef draws inspiration from these walls shrouded in medieval mystery.

Historians say it could have been a castle or a church, as evidenced by the location of the staircase. Some of them say that it could have been built as early as in the 13th century what is indicated by the type of stone used and the architecture of the arches of windows and doors. But could secret corridors connecting Old Gliwice with the Market Square, which were used for communication during the siege of Gliwice, really be hidden under the Granary? For more mysteries and curiosities, please visit the “History” tab. 

From the moment our guests cross the threshold of the Granary, they become part of our history and embark on a real culinary journey through time. Not only thanks to the kitchen – which, by the way, is located in the attic as a medieval kitchen should be – but also thanks to our interior. You are welcome!