Decanting wine

Wine is one of man’s greatest achievements, transforming a perishable fruit into something lasting, and a bottle of wine means sharing.

The whole life of wine is a number of years, during which the structure of the wine changes, rare and deeper aromas and new flavors are revealed, as well as the lees. All this affects the taste of the wine and its depth.

The deeper and longer the aromas and flavors are locked in, the more time it takes to release them when the bottle is opened. 

However, there is a way to overcome the unbearable waiting time after uncorking the wine and thus bring out the best from it in a shorter time – this process is called decanting. 

Decanting is pouring wine from the bottle into so-called decanter – a wide-bottomed, long-necked glass. The purpose of this procedure is to aerate the wine and release the aromas and flavours it contains. In addition, any natural sediment produced during the maturation process remains in the decanter and does not enter into our glass. 

Enjoy a glass of exquisite wine from our cellar!