Dry-aged steaks

Another batch of our exceptional dry-aged steaks is ready and waiting for you in our kitchen!

The steaks you’ll find on our menu are prepared from scratch in our kitchen.
Raw, high-quality beef meat is prepared by us, then placed in a specialized DRY AGER meat seasoning cabinet, where it spends from 30 to even 120 days. The wait time for seasoned meat is long, but well worth the wait.

We don’t use ready-made, already matured steaks available on the market. As a result, we are assured of the quality of the meat used and the conditions during the maturation process – it is extremely important to keep the temperature and humidity at a constant level.

If you are not yet familiar with our unique steaks, be sure to check it out for yourself! This is a real treat for meat connoisseurs and gourmets looking for new sensations.

You are welcome!