Dry-aged steaks at whisky tasting

Head Chef Łukasz Szymon Gamoń puts all his heart into preparing our dry-aged steaks for you. The meat for this weekend’s steaks was matured in a special cabinet for 8 weeks, which gave it an incredible aroma and flavor. In addition, they are prepared over a live fire, which makes them juicy and unique in flavor.

We invite you on January 15 and 16 for a whisky tasting, which will go perfectly with a decent piece of meat from our dry-aging cabinet.

Below we present our propositions, which will allow you to taste and compare the full range of flavors of whiskies produced in Ireland, Scotland, USA and Japan. However, if you would like to compare which country does best with this unique drink – we have also prepared such a set.

I. World Malt Set :
Jack Daniels Single Barrel
Macallan 12yo
Yamazaki 12yo

II. Scotland Malt Set :
Glenlivet 12yo
Macallan 12yo
The Balvenie 21yo

III. Ireland Malt Set :
Jameson Black
Bushmills Black

IV. USA Malt Set :
Wild Turkey
Buffalo Trace
Jack Daniels Single Barrel

V. Japan Malt Set :
Hatozaki Pure Malt

You are more than welcome to reserve a table!