Fat Thursday

Did you know that the first Polish doughnuts were not sweet at all? They took the form of pork fat-filled bread dough, fried in lard. In addition, they were served with fatty meat and, of course, were drunk with vodka.

Fortunately, over the centuries these baked goods changed their face, as the diarist and historian Jędrzej Kitowicz wrote:

“An old-fashioned doughnut hit in the eye could undercut it, today a doughnut is so plump, so light, that squeezing it in your hand it stretches again and swells to its volume, and the wind would blow it off the platter.”

It is accepted that if someone does not eat a doughnut at all on Fat Thursday, he or she will not do well. Therefore, taking care of your good luck and the preservation of tradition, we invite you to a real homemade donut prepared with natural ingredients, from scratch in our kitchen. It will go perfectly with an aromatic coffee with Baileys liqueur or a winter tea.

Should anyone not manage to keep the tradition today – we also invite you for doughnuts on the weekend!