Medieval aphrodisiacs in Polish cuisine

The question of how to improve the physical aspect of life has been discussed since ancient times. However, from the medieval cuisine to our contemporary one, a lot has changed in beliefs about what stimulated the ” marriage deed “, caused the “greed for a woman” or “moved Venus”.

According to the recipes of medieval cuisine, the preservation of physical fitness was to be fostered by good alcohol – especially wine – but also a little surprising nowadays offal, in particular tongues and goose lard. There are also a few items more familiar to us as aphrodisiacs in today’s cuisine, such as shrimp, lovage or nutmeg.

Our Chef Łukasz Szymon Gamoń did his best to make the Valentine’s Day menu surprising, and to make the dishes work on all the senses. Live music played by Adam Szaruga will add an extraordinarily romantic atmosphere. We guarantee a unique experience and an unforgettable evening!

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