Pantry full of homemade products

Spichlerz mead, citrus-fruit liqueur, blueberry-fruit liqueur – our home-made liqueurs are already getting their proper percentage!

Fish is getting tender in aromatic herb marinade, beets for real home-made levain are already pickling and cold meats are maturing in marinade preparing for smoking.

These and many other delicacies perfect for the Christmas table can be found in the Granary Christmas offer “Spichlerz Smaków, na dzień i od święta” (“Granary of Flavours, Everyday and Holiday”), which is available on our website in the „Pantry” section.

We would like to invite you to place orders by phone +48 607 150 701 or via FB. 

Our products are also available on the spot, so during a family dinner you can additionally stock up on holiday delicacies.