St Nicholas’ evening in Spichlerz

The band “Slovic”
original music / jazz
improvisation / live act

Marzena Słowik – vocal
Marek Markowski – piano
Tomasz Wilczyński – bass
Artur Mickiewicz – drums, percussion

The band Slovic consists of musicians with many years of experience, who are united not only by passion and love for music but above all by friendship. It is this factor that makes these four temperaments, so different from each other, come together in an innovative approach to music. The way Marzena uses her voice became a source of inspiration for the pianist, who invited her colleagues to cooperate. It resulted in creating and searching for new, interesting pieces, which
thanks to their structure and the use of the voice in an instrumental way, acquire a new meaning. By extending the boundaries of musical awareness and openness, the musicians of the Slovic quartet establish a living contact with the audience and their music continues to evolve.