Traditionally baked bread

In the early Middle Ages, bread appeared only on the tables of the rich. It was also not the bread we know from modern times. It was rather heavy and clayey. Poorer people were satisfied with flatbread, which was baked on open hearths.

The development of mills and new types of grain made bread tastier and more accessible to more people. Bread made from different grains and with different toppings was eaten.

Today, our tradition is very much related to bread. To this day, important guests are greeted with bread in the traditional way, and all bread is treated with the utmost respect, according to the teachings of our grandmothers.

Granary is a building where grain was once stored. Therefore, our kitchen cannot lack fresh, fragrant bread, which we bake without any unnecessary additives, using only the best quality ingredients.

Dear Guests, you are welcome!