Why is it worth to try our cuisine in Spichlerz?

Dear Guests!

What distinguishes our cuisine is first of all originality – the whole menu prepared by Head Chef Łukasz Szymon Gamoń is based on original recipes of medieval Polish cuisine – and quality of products.

We make sure that everything that comes to your plate delights with its taste, freshness and is of the highest quality. Therefore, we choose suppliers who also care about quality and are able to maintain it at the highest level.

Herbs – Robert Robi Ziółka

Meat – Silesian Wurst Jurewicz Butchery and Meat Products Company

Snails – Fresh Snails

We attach the same importance to each element placed on your plate, therefore all additives, pickles, stuffing, bread and even sauces are created in our kitchen from scratch.

Head Chef Łukasz Szymon Gamoń together with his talented chefs – Adrian Halusiak and Szymon Grzenia – sign every dish with all their hearts – it’s worth tasting this unique cuisine.

We guarantee that you will want to come back for more!

We invite you to book a table – 607 150 701